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~ Review: Tale As Old As Time ~

Song as old as rhyme,

Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and Rumpelstiltskin

Once upon a time….

During the ogre wars, Belle, and her father Maurice, Gaston Sir Gaston, and some knights are waiting the arrival of Rumpel as they seek his help with the war.  True to form, Rumpel knocks on the door, but as the group opens it, he appears behind them. Rumpel mocks them a bit, but says he can help them protect their town…for a price. Of course. And Belle happens to be that price (or has he says it “something a bit more special”), but Maurice says no. As Rumpel leaves, Belle agrees to go with him despite the protest of both Maurice and Gaston. Belle states that “no one decides my fate, but me.” Rumpel happily accepts, and congratulations the others on winning the war.
You Don't Look Too Bad
Rumpel brings Belle to his estate and escorts her to her room prison. Later on, Rumpel is giving Belle the list of things she has to do, including skinning children (just a joke). At this, Belle drops a cup on the floor, breaking a little piece of it. Hi Chip! That’s how you got your name. Belle apologizes to Rumpel, but Rumpel cares not for it, “it’s just a cup.”

Sometime later, Belle is trying to open Rumpel’s closed curtains while Rumple is spinning straws. Belle asks him why he spins so much, to which Rumpel replies it helps him forget. Rumpel asks Belle why she is on a latter. Belle replies that she is trying to open the curtains, which Rumpel literally nailed down, to bring some light in. As she opens them up, she slips and Rumpel catches her. They share a sweet moment, but Rumpel immediately puts her down and Belle tells him she will put the curtains back up. But Rumpel tells her to leave it and as he walks away, he is surprised by this new feeling.

Couple of months later, during tea time, Belle asks Rumpel the real reason why he wanted her here. Rumpel states it’s because the place was filthy, but Belle guesses that he was lonely, as any man would be. Rumpel tells her he is no man. Belle tells him that during her stay, she found clothing that may have belonged to a child. Rumpel admits that it belonged to a son, but he lost him. However, Rumpel doesn’t want to discuss it further and soon someone knocks on the door. It’s Gaston! He’s come to free Belle. But before anything else can happen (literally), Rumpel transforms him into a red rose. Nice little twist. Rumpel gives the rose to Belle, stating an old woman selling flowers gave it to him. Nice Disney reference. As Belle puts Gaston the rose in a vase, Rumpel asks Belle why she agreed to live with him. Belle tells him that there are not a lot of opportunities for women to be heroes and do brave things. Rumpel then asks about Gaston, but Belle states she never cared for him and could never be with someone who was superficial like he was. Rumpel is touched by this and tells Belle that if she goes down to the village and get him more straws, he will tell her about his son. Belle is surprised that Rumpel trusts her to come back, but Rumpel tells her he knows he will never see her again.
Don't Talk To Strangers!

As Belle is walking to town, guess who shows up in a carriage? The EQ of course! Regina decides to stretch her legs and walk with Belle. Regina comments on how little Belle is carrying, but Belle states it helps her move faster. Regina makes a good guess and states that Belle is running away from both her master and lover. Belle, clearly uncomfortably with the statement, tells Regina she wants to rest and she should continue on without her. Smart girl! But Regina continues on, stating that Belle loves her employer but is leaving him. Belle says that he could love him, but knows that something evil has taken over him. Regina says it’s a curse and the only way to break a curse is true love’s first kiss. So why would you give Snow an cursed apple if you knew that?

 Later that night, Rumpel, who had been hoping that Belle returns, sees Belle coming and runs back to his spindle wheel. Cute scene.  Rumpel acts as if he doesn’t care that Belle has returned, but Belle is not fooled. Rumpel asks her why she came back and Belle admits she wasn’t going to but something changed her mind. They both lean in to kiss and as they pull away Rumpel’s face begins to change. Belle tells him to kiss her again as it will break the curse and at this Rumpel gets furious. He demands to know who told her that and Belle nervously mentions a “she” and Rumpel immediately knows who it is. He uncovers a mirror and begins yelling at it (believing the EQ is watching), telling her that she turned Belle against him to make him weak and to defeat him. Belle wants to know who he is talking to, but Rumpel is not buying into the “act.” He knows that no one can ever love him and that she was only trying to use him to kill him, so she can be the hero. Belle, obviously confused, tries to tell him she loves him, but Rumpel doesn’t believe her and locks her up in prison.

Rumpel begins smashing everything, expect Chip. Later on, he goes to Belle’s prison and releases her. Before she leaves, Belle tells him that he could have been happy and free if he believed that someone could actually love him. She goes on calling him a coward, but Rumpel tells her that he prefers his power over her. Belle doesn’t believe him and tells him that he is going to regret his choice forever; all he will now have is an empty heart and a chipped cup. And with that Belle walks away. Go after her Rumple!!

Sometime later Regina pays Rumple a visit, telling him that she needs his help with a “certain mermaid.” But Rumpel tells her he is in no mood and that her trick has failed. Regina mocks him about Belle and then gives it to him: When Belle returned home, nobody wanted her, not even her father, so Belle committed suicide. Rumpel doesn’t believe him and tells Regina to leave. As she does, she comments on how dusty his place is and suggests he get a new girl. When she leaves, Rumpel brings out Chip and places him on a brick stool, and begins to cry.


I loved this episode. As I’ve watched it several times, it’s now my favorite episode. I was nervous at first with Rumpel being the Beast, but it worked for me.

The best part of the episode? The last 10 minutes this includes a conversation between Regina and Mr. Gold, and Regina hiding Belle underneath the hospital. So she didn’t die after all. And…he knows!!! Mr. Gold/Rumpel remembers! I don’t know why I was so excited when I saw that part. There were clues leading to it, but I mostly think it’s because I was surprised that they revealed it so soon. I shouldn’t say so soon, but I’m just glad they didn’t drag it out. This revelation should (hopefully) move things along now. Oh if only Emma and Henry decided to eavesdrop instead of getting some ice cream. You can get ice cream anytime.


1) Rumpel is not as bad as people think he is. I think he is more human than Regina is.

2) Ashley and Sean aka Cinderella and Prince Thomas are getting married! Again. 2nd time is the charm perhaps?

3) I wish we got to see more of Gaston. Why is he superficial?

4) Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Snow White are drinking at a bar. Interesting sentence right?

Favorite Quotes:

“People who are supposed to be together, they’ll find a way.” ~ Mary Margaret to Emma~ Cheating does not count. Although technically, it’s not cheating per se…

“Love is layered. Love is a mystery to be uncovered.” ~ Belle ~

 “Will you marry me? [silence] I only have a twenty minute break, so anytime now.” ~ Thomas to Ashley ~ What a sweet moment!!

“Tell me your name. Rumpelstiltskin” ~ Regina and Mr. Gold ~ No comment. 

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