Monday, March 26, 2012

~ Review: Mad As A Hatter ~

Once upon a time…

Jefferson is playing hide and seek with his daughter, Grace. They head back to their cottage, when they noticed Regina’s carriage. Grace asks her father if he knows her, and Jefferson says no. He tells Grace to hide in the woods until he comes and finds her. Jefferson goes in and clearly he and Regina know each other. Regina needs his help, but Jefferson says he doesn’t do that kind of work anymore. Regina tries to get him to do it by promising him and his daughter a lifetime of luxury and comfort. But Jefferson still says no. Regina tells him she needs his special skills to get her somewhere, somewhere he has been before. She hands him a paper, and Jefferson asks what she possible could want from that certain place; something was taken from her and she wants it back. However Jefferson still says no and Regina understands. Yeah right. 

Mirror, Mirror How Do You Like My New Nose?
The next day, Jefferson and Grace are at the village market. Grace sees the toy cart and finds a rabbit. She asks her father if she could have it so he can join them for tea, and Jefferson couldn’t resist saying no. However he doesn’t have enough money to pay for it, and the old lady says she can’t sell the rabbit for any less. Grace says it’s OK, but Jefferson will not take no for an answer. Grace insists she doesn’t need it and they both leave. After they leave, the old lady goes to the back where a mirror is. The Magic Mirror appears and tells the old lady that Grace still should have had the toy, but the old lady replied that would have been no fun, and reveals herself to be Regina in disguise. That is cruel. I have to admit I’m a tiny bit disappointed that we saw the EQ in her infamous disguise already. I was hoping that could have been saved for when she tries to get Snow to eat the poison apple. It would have at least had that element of surprise. Oh well...

Back at their house, Jefferson makes a rabbit for Grace and apologizes for it not being the same one she wanted, but Grace loves it. Love the expression Jefferson had when Grace said that. They sit down to have their tea party. But Jefferson has decided to help Regina one more time and tells Grace she needs to go to their neighbor’s house for the rest of the day.  Grace wants to come, but Jefferson tells her he is not going to work in the woods. Grace then pleads her father not to do whatever is Regina wants him to do. But Jefferson tells her he wants to give her everything she wants, but Grace says all she wants is her father. However Jefferson’s mind is made up and Grace makes him promise that he returns in time for their tea party. Jefferson promises. Sweet, but sad scene. After Grace leaves, Jefferson opens up a trunk and takes out a hat shaped box.

Friday, March 23, 2012

~ Sneak Peek: Hat Trick ~

So we have 3 new sneak peeks of this week's episode. Interesting enough, none of them take place in fairy tale land. I guess they want to surprise us. Enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

~ Review: Darth Snow White ~

Once upon a time…

Its nighttime in King’s George’s kingdom, and James and Red are still on the run from the king’s knights. Red tells James to find Snow and she will take care of them. Red takes off her red coat just as the full moon appears and attacks the knights in her wolf form. James rides off through the night, with Red howling behind him. I assume Red told James of her secret identity.
What Do You Mean You Won't Whistle While You Work?
It’s daytime now and Snow (sporting the iconic Disney Snow White hair with a red ribbon) hymns the song, “A Smile and a Song.” She places a bluebird on the table, and then tries to kill it with her broom. I loved this scene! Disney’s Snow White for adults! As Evil Snow tries to kill “the vermin,” Grumpy comes in and convinces her to have dinner. The other 6 dwarves are at the table talking, but stop when Snow and Grumpy come in. Snow comments about the lack of dinner, and then Jiminy Cricket appears. The dwarves have planned for an intervention and asked Jiminy to help them. It’s pretty cute how each dwarf says something about how they feel about Snow’s new personality. Even Happy has got a little anger in him. The Jiminy Cricket Show anyone? Grumpy blames the potion for what’s happened to Snow, but Snow states the potion was “the solution, not the problem.” Snow bitterly goes on about how, thanks to Regina, she is living in a house with dwarfs when she should be living with her father at the summer palace. Jiminy tells her that it’s OK to be angry, but not OK to take it out on her friends. This gives Snow the idea that she needs to kill Regina, but Jiminy and Grumpy tell her that is not the best idea. But she ignores them and leaves.

Snow comes across one of the Regina’s knights, and through physical interrogation, the knight tells Snow that Regina will be heading to the summer palace in the morning. Snow knocks him out, stating that the summer palace was built for her mother. As she steals stills his clothes, Grumpy shows up. He is going to help Snow by taking her to Rumple so he can help bring back her memories. He says he is the most powerful man in the word and can do anything, and this intrigues Snow.

The next morning, James comes across the knight who is now completely naked, except his “manhood” which he has covered up with his helmet. Good thing Snow didn’t take that otherwise that would have been an awkward moment. James hands him a blanket and asks him who did this to him. The knight replied it was Snow who is going to kill Regina, although James doesn’t believe Snow is capable of doing something like.

At Rumple’s estate, Grumpy asks Rumple to help Snow, but Rumple says he can’t. No potion can bring back memories of true love. Stating that anyone who can make a true love potion, can do anything. Snow asks Rumple’s help to kill Regina and Rumple is pleased. He gives her a bow and arrow, which Snow mistakes as a weapon to get inside the castle. But Rumple tells her that’s impossible; instead she has to do it when Regina is on her way to the summer palace. Rumple shows her a map of exactly where she can kill her. Grumpy has had enough. He tells Snow that if she does this, she’ll have to do it alone, and Snow states that has always been her plan. Grumpy leaves, while Snow takes the bow and arrow from Rumple, who is very excited. I’m beginning to think that this whole thing with Regina and Rumple is a game to them; to see who can outwit the other. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

~ Sneak Peeks: Snow White & Regina ~

We have some new sneak peaks from episodes "Heart of Darkness" and "The Stable Boy."

First, 3 sneak peak videos of this week's episode. Check them out!

Second, behind the scenes pictures from "The Stable Boy." Careful, there are Spoilers!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~ Sneak Peek: The Stable Boy ~

ABC Medianet has released a new synopsis for episode 18 The Stable Boy, which will air on April 1st. 
Emma continues her exhaustive search for evidence that will prove Mary Margaret’s innocence in the murder of David’s wife, Kathryn. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was and before evil blackened her soul, Regina must choose between betraying her mother, Cora (Barbara Hershey), and marrying for true love, or betrothing royalty and living a regal – but loveless – life; and the event that caused the Evil Queen to loathe Snow White is revealed
This episode is written by Adam and Edward, so no doubt its going to be good.

Also...Guess who King George is in Storybrooke?
Highlight your cursor to find out 
District Attorney Albert Spencer

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

~ Review: Granny, What Big Eyes I Have ~

Once upon a time…

Red Riding Hood is in love with Peter, who has come to visit Red by her bedroom window. They talk about running away together when Granny calls for her. Red asks Peter to let her go, but Peter insists on having a kiss for the price. Finally a nice, good deal. Simple and easy.  A group of villagers have come to Granny’s as they are on their way to kill a wolf that has been terrorizing their village. Red wants to go as well but Granny won’t let her. Granny tells the villagers to let the wolf be as there are only 2 more nights before he stops hunting. Red hopes that they will kill the wolf, but Granny knows it’s because Red wants to be with Peter. Red defends Peter, but Granny dismisses it and they begin to lock down their home. Then Granny sends Red off to bed while she guards the door with an arrow machine.  Haha! Nobody gets passed Granny!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
The next morning, Red goes into the barn to check on the chickens, when she notices someone hiding in the corner. Snow quickly comes out and tries to apologies for hiding out in the barn and stealing the eggs. Snow sounds so sweet and really innocent here. Red says its fine and introduces herself. Snow is about to say her name, but instead says Frosty. Haha! Red doesn’t believe her, but understands Snow can’t tell her name until she can trust her. Snow then says, Margaret Mary. How ironic. Snow and Red head off to the well to get some water. Snow inquires about the howling she heard last night, and Red tells her that it’s a wolf (“it’s big as a pony”) hunting for cattle. As they pull up some water Red notices it being blood red, and when she calls for Snow, she notices that Snow is looking at something else: four dead bodies, killed by the big bad wolf. I couldn’t resist. And those dead bodies freaked me out. 

Later that morning, Granny, Red, and Snow (in disguise) go to a village meeting, where the leader of last night’s hunting party vows to kill the wolf. However Granny warns them not to as she had first-hand experience with the wolf. When Granny was little, a different wolf killed her 6 older brothers and father, while she watched from her rooftop. She suddenly fell right in front of the wolf, but instead of killing her, it gave her scratched marks. She tells everyone the best thing to do is to hide and wait.

Back at Red’s cottage, Red tells Snow how she feels like she’s trapped, and Snow asks if it has something to do with someone. Red talks about her love for Peter, and Snow comments how nice the feeling must be. Just like two teenage girls having a sleepover and talking about boys. Red asks Snow if she has someone, but Snow replies no and doesn’t think that’s in her future. You never know what the future holds Snow. Red wants to run away with Peter, but Granny doesn’t let her go out alone on the count of the wolf. Snow thinks what Granny is doing is right, but not when it comes to love. Red then states that they should kill the wolf now during the daytime so they can have the advantage, but Snow doesn’t think that is a good idea. Clearly Snow hasn’t received her courage diploma yet. However Red is willingly to go with or without her and states that her grandmother can’t keep her locked up forever.

Monday, March 12, 2012

~ Emma's Future In Storybrooke ~

The Huffington Post did an interview with Jennifer Morrison about what is to come for Emma Swan in Storybrooke.

1) Emma's "super power" and Sidney Glass
I feel like she's always been a little bit skeptical of Sidney only because he did come from being so deep in Regina's pocket that it's hard for Emma to believe that someone could really make that much of a turnaround... It’s like she knows that there may be something to be skeptical about with Sidney, and yet, he seems like the best possible option at this point...But yes, at some point, she will definitely have a rude awakening in terms of how deeply he's not supporting her.
2) Emma arresting Mary Margaret
Emma's sort of left with no option because if she doesn’t go where the evidence leads and actually make the arrest, then she looks like she's offering some sort of favoritism to Mary Margaret, which then makes Emma look like she's not doing her job properly, which then gives Regina a reason to fire Emma...In Emma's mind, even though it's a horrible thing to have to arrest this person who she truly does consider a friend and truly does believe in, she feels like she can protect her better by doing this than she can if she doesn't do it...
3)  Emma on Mr. Gold as Mary Margaret's attorney
I think initially she's very opposed to [Mary hiring him] because obviously she doesn't trust him, for good reason...She suspects that he has ulterior motives that are serving him, but those ulterior motives that are serving him are also serving Emma sometimes. So she, once again, has to sort of choose the lesser of two evils and decide if she's going to go along with what he's doing in order to get the results that she needs in order to protect the people that she wants to protect...
4) Emma being kidnapped by the Mad Hatter
It does start to plant some interesting seeds in Emma, because it's another person saying to her some of the things that Henry has been saying...But it is really the first time that there are little chips in Emma's armor in terms of her thinking; not necessarily that there really is a curse and that everybody really is a fairytale, but I think it’s really that turning point for her to realize that there is something very dark and possibly dangerous going on that she needs to try to figure out.
5) Emma and The Stranger
...I think the next several episodes you sort of start to see her test whether or not she can trust him. She allows him in, in little bits, and then pushes him away in other ways and sort of starts to kind of test the waters to see how trustworthy he is, where he really stands on things, and if he is safe or not for her or for Henry or for anyone...
To read the entire interview, click here.

Friday, March 9, 2012

~ Episode Titles ~

Here are the titles for 4 out of the 5 last episodes and short synopsis for each of them.

From ChevronOne :

Episode 18: The Stable Boy ~ Here we find out why Regina hates Snow White as mentioned previously.

Episode 19: The Return ~ Here we get more of a back story of Rumpelstiltskin and his son as mentioned previously.

Episode 20: The Stranger ~ Obviously this is the episode where we probably find out who "The Stranger" is.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Episode 21: Apple Red as Blood ~ According to the article's writer Sandra Gonzalez:
...I can tell you that it’s part of a final arc that will focus heavily on the major players rather than stand-alone stories.
Josh Dallas ~ All I can say is I just got the script for episode 21 and it is going to go someplace that the audience will not expect it ever to go

Thursday, March 8, 2012

~ Sneak Peeks: Red-Handed & Hat Trick ~

1) ABC Medianet released a synopsis for episode 17 "Hat Trick:"
While searching for a missing Mary Margaret, Emma is kidnapped by a man whose affinity for hats has him teetering on the edge of madness. Meanwhile, viewers will be transported outside of the fairytale land that was for the first time when the Evil Queen persuades a skillful man of magic to come work for her one last time and travel to Wonderland in order to help steal something from the Queen of Hearts.
2)  A couple of sneak peeks for this week's episode "Red-Handed." And there really good.

Monday, March 5, 2012

~ Review: Hi Ho Its Off To Work We Go ~

Once upon a time…

Up in the clouds, Nova, the Pink Fairy as I like to call her, is a clumsy fairy-in-training. The Blue Fairy is teaching her how to deliver fairy dust because next year she will be doing it alone.  Nova had hope that she would be a fairy godmother by then, but the Blue Fairy laughed it off saying that her journey is just beginning. The Blue Fairy asks Nova if she can deliver the dust from the mines home safely, and Nova nods. As Nova leaves, she accidentally drops a bit of dust, which blows right under the ground where the dwarfs are and spills over an egg. The egg begins to move. One of the dwarfs, Bossy, is surprised that the egg is moving as he is too early to be hatched, but sure enough seconds later Grumpy is born. I guess that makes him the oldest of the 7 dwarfs. I wonder how parents would have to explain this scene to their younger children. 

Grumpy is now hatched from the egg and inquires about the girl he saw. But Bossy dismisses it and begins to tell Grumpy what dwarfs do. They don't fall in love and they love to work in the mines; their job is to find diamonds and crush them into dust to give light to the world.  Once they are cleaned and fully clothed, the 8 new dwarfs each grab an ax that automatically gives them their names. However, when Grumpy grabs one, the ax reads Dreamy. Then they all literally whistle to the song “Heigh-Ho” as they go off to work! Love it! And it’s official! This scene is my favorite in the series so far. It just made me smile.

"My Hero"
A year later, Grumpy Dreamy is working in the mines when he meets Nova, who is still collecting fairy dust. Dreamy recognizes her from the dream he had a year ago just before hatching. After Dreamy saves her bag of fairy dust from turning into ashes, Nova complains about how she wants to be a fairy godmother, but can’t even take of care of fairy dust. But Dreamy says she will make a good fairy godmother and she could do whatever she wants to if she dreams it. Awww…gotta love Disney! Nova tells Dreamy that she is going to see fireflies later that night on Firefly Hill, and Dreamy tells her to have a good time. Haha! Even a dreamy guy can’t take a hint.  

That night, at a tavern, Dreamy is hardly having a good time. Bossy comes over and asks him what’s wrong. Dreamy tells him he can’t eat, he can’t sleep, and doesn’t feel like himself. Bossy dismisses it, tells him not to worry about it. However, Belle interrupts him and tells Dreamy otherwise. Yayy! Belle’s back! Belle tells him he is in love and begins to talk about what it’s like to be in love. Aww…she really misses Rumple. But Dreamy is afraid that Nova won’t love him back as she didn’t say anything, except about fireflies. Belle laughs at this and says that it was an invitation for him to be with her. Belle says that she has had “her heart broken enough, to know when somebody is reaching out.” That is indeed true.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

~ Cast & Crew at PaleyFest 2012 ~

The creators and the cast were at the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills this afternoon. The full panel event is now posted on Youtube, if you missed it. Check it out below!

Some of my favorite moments:

1) Edward said that they already dropped hints as to how the curse can be broken.

2) Archie will have two new patients: David and Mr. Gold!
From Zap2It
~ Robert ~ "Something happens that pushes him towards it." He has to talk to someone about what's in his mind. When Raph and I spoke about it we said, 'of course!' He doesn't have anyone else. There is nobody he can talk to. It's a wonderful opportunity for these two characters to meet. He tells him stuff that he wouldn't tell anyone else and halfway through, he realizes who he's talking to and he's very threatening to him at the end."
3)  A British grandmother thanks Josh Dallas for moving her 12 year-old-granddaughter on from Justin Bieber.

4) Emma is not going to believe Henry anytime soon, but she will start noticing that something is going on.

Enjoy! And we finally get to see a new episode tonight!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

~ Sneak Peaks: Dreamy & Mad Hatter ~

Update:  I just found 2 new behind the scenes photos of Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter. What do you think? Pictures are from the Examiner

And now sneak peaks from this week's episode. Also, the first video is an extended promo of Dreamy with new scenes. Enjoy!