Monday, March 12, 2012

~ Emma's Future In Storybrooke ~

The Huffington Post did an interview with Jennifer Morrison about what is to come for Emma Swan in Storybrooke.

1) Emma's "super power" and Sidney Glass
I feel like she's always been a little bit skeptical of Sidney only because he did come from being so deep in Regina's pocket that it's hard for Emma to believe that someone could really make that much of a turnaround... It’s like she knows that there may be something to be skeptical about with Sidney, and yet, he seems like the best possible option at this point...But yes, at some point, she will definitely have a rude awakening in terms of how deeply he's not supporting her.
2) Emma arresting Mary Margaret
Emma's sort of left with no option because if she doesn’t go where the evidence leads and actually make the arrest, then she looks like she's offering some sort of favoritism to Mary Margaret, which then makes Emma look like she's not doing her job properly, which then gives Regina a reason to fire Emma...In Emma's mind, even though it's a horrible thing to have to arrest this person who she truly does consider a friend and truly does believe in, she feels like she can protect her better by doing this than she can if she doesn't do it...
3)  Emma on Mr. Gold as Mary Margaret's attorney
I think initially she's very opposed to [Mary hiring him] because obviously she doesn't trust him, for good reason...She suspects that he has ulterior motives that are serving him, but those ulterior motives that are serving him are also serving Emma sometimes. So she, once again, has to sort of choose the lesser of two evils and decide if she's going to go along with what he's doing in order to get the results that she needs in order to protect the people that she wants to protect...
4) Emma being kidnapped by the Mad Hatter
It does start to plant some interesting seeds in Emma, because it's another person saying to her some of the things that Henry has been saying...But it is really the first time that there are little chips in Emma's armor in terms of her thinking; not necessarily that there really is a curse and that everybody really is a fairytale, but I think it’s really that turning point for her to realize that there is something very dark and possibly dangerous going on that she needs to try to figure out.
5) Emma and The Stranger
...I think the next several episodes you sort of start to see her test whether or not she can trust him. She allows him in, in little bits, and then pushes him away in other ways and sort of starts to kind of test the waters to see how trustworthy he is, where he really stands on things, and if he is safe or not for her or for Henry or for anyone...
To read the entire interview, click here.

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