Sunday, March 4, 2012

~ Cast & Crew at PaleyFest 2012 ~

The creators and the cast were at the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills this afternoon. The full panel event is now posted on Youtube, if you missed it. Check it out below!

Some of my favorite moments:

1) Edward said that they already dropped hints as to how the curse can be broken.

2) Archie will have two new patients: David and Mr. Gold!
From Zap2It
~ Robert ~ "Something happens that pushes him towards it." He has to talk to someone about what's in his mind. When Raph and I spoke about it we said, 'of course!' He doesn't have anyone else. There is nobody he can talk to. It's a wonderful opportunity for these two characters to meet. He tells him stuff that he wouldn't tell anyone else and halfway through, he realizes who he's talking to and he's very threatening to him at the end."
3)  A British grandmother thanks Josh Dallas for moving her 12 year-old-granddaughter on from Justin Bieber.

4) Emma is not going to believe Henry anytime soon, but she will start noticing that something is going on.

Enjoy! And we finally get to see a new episode tonight!


  1. In the pilot, on the way to Storybrooke Henry implied/told Emma that all she had to do was believe (when telling her about the book originally) ----- "that's exactly what makes it true, you should know, because you're in the book" (or something like that).

    I'm of the opinion that she needs to believe Henry in order for the curse to be broken, or something along those lines.

    1. I see what your saying, but I think she was just saying that. I found the video to this scene.