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~ Review: Hi Ho Its Off To Work We Go ~

Once upon a time…

Up in the clouds, Nova, the Pink Fairy as I like to call her, is a clumsy fairy-in-training. The Blue Fairy is teaching her how to deliver fairy dust because next year she will be doing it alone.  Nova had hope that she would be a fairy godmother by then, but the Blue Fairy laughed it off saying that her journey is just beginning. The Blue Fairy asks Nova if she can deliver the dust from the mines home safely, and Nova nods. As Nova leaves, she accidentally drops a bit of dust, which blows right under the ground where the dwarfs are and spills over an egg. The egg begins to move. One of the dwarfs, Bossy, is surprised that the egg is moving as he is too early to be hatched, but sure enough seconds later Grumpy is born. I guess that makes him the oldest of the 7 dwarfs. I wonder how parents would have to explain this scene to their younger children. 

Grumpy is now hatched from the egg and inquires about the girl he saw. But Bossy dismisses it and begins to tell Grumpy what dwarfs do. They don't fall in love and they love to work in the mines; their job is to find diamonds and crush them into dust to give light to the world.  Once they are cleaned and fully clothed, the 8 new dwarfs each grab an ax that automatically gives them their names. However, when Grumpy grabs one, the ax reads Dreamy. Then they all literally whistle to the song “Heigh-Ho” as they go off to work! Love it! And it’s official! This scene is my favorite in the series so far. It just made me smile.

"My Hero"
A year later, Grumpy Dreamy is working in the mines when he meets Nova, who is still collecting fairy dust. Dreamy recognizes her from the dream he had a year ago just before hatching. After Dreamy saves her bag of fairy dust from turning into ashes, Nova complains about how she wants to be a fairy godmother, but can’t even take of care of fairy dust. But Dreamy says she will make a good fairy godmother and she could do whatever she wants to if she dreams it. Awww…gotta love Disney! Nova tells Dreamy that she is going to see fireflies later that night on Firefly Hill, and Dreamy tells her to have a good time. Haha! Even a dreamy guy can’t take a hint.  

That night, at a tavern, Dreamy is hardly having a good time. Bossy comes over and asks him what’s wrong. Dreamy tells him he can’t eat, he can’t sleep, and doesn’t feel like himself. Bossy dismisses it, tells him not to worry about it. However, Belle interrupts him and tells Dreamy otherwise. Yayy! Belle’s back! Belle tells him he is in love and begins to talk about what it’s like to be in love. Aww…she really misses Rumple. But Dreamy is afraid that Nova won’t love him back as she didn’t say anything, except about fireflies. Belle laughs at this and says that it was an invitation for him to be with her. Belle says that she has had “her heart broken enough, to know when somebody is reaching out.” That is indeed true.

Dreamy goes to Firefly Hills to meet Nova. Each talk about how they wish they can see the world. Then Dreamy comes with an idea to sail on a boat and see the world together. Soon the fireflies come out and Nova kisses Dreamy. She agrees and tells him they will meet tomorrow night right at the hill and run off together. “Sounds like a dream come true,” says Dreamy. I have to admit that last line is a bit cheesy.

Brotherly Love
The next night Dreamy begins to leave, but is stopped by Stealthy. Soon the other dwarfs wake up and are confused as to why Dreamy is leaving. Dreamy tells them he is in love and wants to be with Nova. The 6 other dwarfs give Dreamy their blessing and hug him, except Stealthy. Interesting... As Dreamy is walking in the woods he is stopped by Bossy and the Blue Fairy. They talk Dreamy out of it saying if they each return to their respected lives, they can bring “untold joy to the world.” I like the Blue Fairy, but now I’m not so sure.     

Dreamy goes to the hill and Nova excitingly shows him the boat that they are going to use to see the world. However, Dreamy says they can no longer be together as he is a dwarf and she is a fairy. But Nova believes their love is special. Dreamy says otherwise and Nova realizes that he talked to the Blue Fairy and demands to know what she told him. Dreamy says he can’t stand in the way of her happiness, but Nova tells him he is her happiness. She declares her love for him, but Dreamy says he is a dwarf and cannot love. He then walks away heartbroken, and Nova is in tears. : (

Dreamy returns to the mines and wants to know where his axe is. Bossy hands it to hit and Dreamy begins to dig with anger. He ends up breaking his axe and when he gets another one, the axe names him Grumpy. And that’s how he got his name, sadly.    


I would call this a cute episode. It slowed things down a bit, although I loved all the moments with the dwarfs. I also liked the little twists. Dwarfs come from eggs and they receive their names by touching an axe. They work in the mines because the diamonds are used to make fairy dusts for the fairies. It was nice to see the dwarfs together in fairy tale land, but where were they all in Storybrooke? One is a janitor (Grumpy), the second is a security guard (Sleepy), and the third is a pharmacist (Sneezy). Where are the other 4? And we also know what became of all the fairies. They became nuns, and Rumple does not like them. I wonder why?

It was so sweet at the near end when Granny lights Mary Margaret’s candle. At least someone has forgiven her. Also I loved the fact that David and Emma (aka father and daughter) finally got some screen time together. Although it was sad to see Emma arresting her father after he protected her as a baby while fighting the EQ’s soliders. And I also do not like Sidney…come on Emma! Use your “super powers.”

Favorite Quotes:

“Dwarfs don’t fall in love. Dwarfs don’t get married. And dwarfs don’t have children. Why do you think you were hatched from an egg?” ~ Bossy ~ Oh yes, that does seem silly. HAHA! 

“She is a nun Leroy, could you possible pick anyone less available…Says the girl who went after a married guy?” ~ Leroy and Mary Margaret ~ Touché

“You can do anything you want, as long as you can dream it." ~ Grumpy ~ That’s a Disney theme right there.

“Maybe I should have Doc take a look at me?....You’re going to trust a dwarf who got his medical degree from (an axe)?” ~ Bossy and Dreamy ~ Well it’s not Doc's fault. And I wonder if Snow knew this before she had Doc help her with Emma’s birth?

“Love is hope. It fills our dreams, and if you’re in it, you need to enjoy it because love doesn’t always last forever.” ~ Belle ~ Love does last forever, unless Regina butts in.

“I know when someone is lying….Phone records don’t lie, people do” ~ Emma and Sidney ~ Emma can tell when someone is lying and Sidney tells her people can lie. Ironic right?

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