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~ Review: Darth Snow White ~

Once upon a time…

Its nighttime in King’s George’s kingdom, and James and Red are still on the run from the king’s knights. Red tells James to find Snow and she will take care of them. Red takes off her red coat just as the full moon appears and attacks the knights in her wolf form. James rides off through the night, with Red howling behind him. I assume Red told James of her secret identity.
What Do You Mean You Won't Whistle While You Work?
It’s daytime now and Snow (sporting the iconic Disney Snow White hair with a red ribbon) hymns the song, “A Smile and a Song.” She places a bluebird on the table, and then tries to kill it with her broom. I loved this scene! Disney’s Snow White for adults! As Evil Snow tries to kill “the vermin,” Grumpy comes in and convinces her to have dinner. The other 6 dwarves are at the table talking, but stop when Snow and Grumpy come in. Snow comments about the lack of dinner, and then Jiminy Cricket appears. The dwarves have planned for an intervention and asked Jiminy to help them. It’s pretty cute how each dwarf says something about how they feel about Snow’s new personality. Even Happy has got a little anger in him. The Jiminy Cricket Show anyone? Grumpy blames the potion for what’s happened to Snow, but Snow states the potion was “the solution, not the problem.” Snow bitterly goes on about how, thanks to Regina, she is living in a house with dwarfs when she should be living with her father at the summer palace. Jiminy tells her that it’s OK to be angry, but not OK to take it out on her friends. This gives Snow the idea that she needs to kill Regina, but Jiminy and Grumpy tell her that is not the best idea. But she ignores them and leaves.

Snow comes across one of the Regina’s knights, and through physical interrogation, the knight tells Snow that Regina will be heading to the summer palace in the morning. Snow knocks him out, stating that the summer palace was built for her mother. As she steals stills his clothes, Grumpy shows up. He is going to help Snow by taking her to Rumple so he can help bring back her memories. He says he is the most powerful man in the word and can do anything, and this intrigues Snow.

The next morning, James comes across the knight who is now completely naked, except his “manhood” which he has covered up with his helmet. Good thing Snow didn’t take that otherwise that would have been an awkward moment. James hands him a blanket and asks him who did this to him. The knight replied it was Snow who is going to kill Regina, although James doesn’t believe Snow is capable of doing something like.

At Rumple’s estate, Grumpy asks Rumple to help Snow, but Rumple says he can’t. No potion can bring back memories of true love. Stating that anyone who can make a true love potion, can do anything. Snow asks Rumple’s help to kill Regina and Rumple is pleased. He gives her a bow and arrow, which Snow mistakes as a weapon to get inside the castle. But Rumple tells her that’s impossible; instead she has to do it when Regina is on her way to the summer palace. Rumple shows her a map of exactly where she can kill her. Grumpy has had enough. He tells Snow that if she does this, she’ll have to do it alone, and Snow states that has always been her plan. Grumpy leaves, while Snow takes the bow and arrow from Rumple, who is very excited. I’m beginning to think that this whole thing with Regina and Rumple is a game to them; to see who can outwit the other. 

A while later, James shows up at Rumple’s house demanding to know what he has done to Snow. Rumple tells him he gave her a potion that made her forget him, thus her drastic change in personality. James tells him to undo it as all magic can be broken. Rumple agrees and only by “tuve love.” Interesting he didn’t tell Grumpy this earlier. James asks Rumple what he wants in exchange for Snow’s whereabouts, and Rumple replies his cloak. James is confused by this, but Rumple states its “drafty in here.”  James takes his cloak off and places it on a table; Rumple tells him that Snow is on her way to the summer palace to kill Regina. Rumple advises him to be quick as if Snow kills Regina, she will be just as evil as Regina was. But James doesn’t believe Snow can ever become that evil and leaves, but Rumple echoes what Regina said earlier “evil isn’t born, it’s made.” Rumple smells James’s cloak and giggles. Creepy…

I'm Also Cupid
Snow is getting ready to kill Regina when James grabs her and kisses her. He confidently tells her, again, that he will always find her. At this Snow smacks him and he passes out. I probably would have done the same thing if a guy just kisses me like that, even if he is Prince Charming. Haha! Later that night, James wakes up and notices that he is tied to a tree. Snow tells him he must be the man that she wanted to forget. James is confused as true love’s kiss should have restored her memories, but Snow replies that it’s not true love, and she doesn’t love him. James tries to convince her otherwise, but Snow doesn’t listen to him. Stating that love is just words, what’s more important is taking action. As she leaves, James tells her she can’t kill Regina, it’s not who she is, but Snow tells him to “watch me.” She leaves as James shouts her name. 

James is now struggling to get out when Jiminy arrives. He introduces himself to James and as he bites the rope, James tells him he tried everything to help Snow remember him, but nothing worked. After a couple of bites, James pulls free and Jiminy offers him a piece of advice. Snow needs to know who she is before she can know who he is. This gives James an idea. The next morning Regina, sporting an awesome hat, is riding through the woods as her subjects bow to her. Snow is in position and fires the arrow, but James cuts in thus the arrow hitting him. Snow angrily yells at him. James tells her he loves her, but Snow says she doesn’t as she doesn’t even remember him. James doesn’t care; the only thing that matters is she doesn’t forget who she really is.  James goes on to tell her that he will die for her and Snow is taken aback as no one has ever done such a thing for her. Snow slowly leans in and kisses James. Once they kiss, Snow exclaims “Charming!” Yayyy! Snow is back! Although Evil Snow was kind of fun!

Their sweet moment is short lived when King George’s knights appear, with one knight who appears to have survived Red’s attacks. He pulls the arrow out of James and throws him in a caged cart. Snow tries to rescue me, but a knight slaps her to the ground. As he is being taken away, Snow shouts that she will always find him. Aww…now it’s her turn.
We Are The 8 Musketeers! 

Snow returns to the dwarves’ cottage and apologies to the dwarfs. Grumpy and the others realize the good Snow is back.  They all hug her and tell her she can have her room back. Snow thanks them but tells them she has to go and rescue James from King George. Grumpy tells her she is not going to do it alone, and on cue the 7 dwarves grab their axes and stand in formation proudly. I love this little moment, a little cheesy, but great moment.

Later Rumple is taking a strand of James’s hair off from his cloak. Why didn’t he just ask James for a strand? He places the hair in bottle with Snow’s hair and they both suddenly come to life. Rumple smiles; he made a true love potion. The question is what is it for? 


Great episode! When I saw David remembering his past life, I was shocked. I thought for a moment he would remember who he really is, but of course it’s too soon for that. And when David tells Mary Margaret that he believes she killed Kathryn, was very sad. I felt so bad for Mary Margaret, she really didn’t do anything. I’m curious as to how Regina considers this revenge if Snow doesn’t remember what she did to her? What’s the point?

Anyway, I feel like the show is now finally moving in much faster pace:
1) August added some pages to the book and convinced Henry to look at it again for clues. He is a believer and his job is to help people see the light.
2) I loved it when Emma opened the door with one of Regina’s keys, which Henry found in his book. Finally Emma is starting to believe something is up with Regina.
3) Kathryn is apparently dead. But I hope she isn’t. 
4) Mary Margaret decides to bust out of jail with a key she found near her bed. I wonder if Regina put that there or Rumple?

Favorite Quotes:

Note: Regina got some of the best quotes this week.

"It's OK. I know what you're going through. I know what it's like to lose someone you love. To be publicly humiliated. It put me in a very dark place. It changed me." ~ Regina ~ Come on episode 18, get here quickly!!

“She is a woman who has had her heart broken, that could make you do unspeakable things.” ~ Regina ~ Continues on in her head: “Which is why everyone is in Storybrooke in the first place.”

“All due respect Regina, I don’t think you know much about evil.” ~ David ~ If only he remembers….

“Evil doesn’t always look evil. Sometimes it’s starring right at us and we don’t even realize it.” ~ Regina to David ~ Realize it David! Come on! It is literally starring right at you in the face.

“I would rather die than let you fill your heart with darkness.” ~ James to Snow ~ Awww…that’s why he is Prince Charming.

“Let’s show that king what Snow White and the 7 dwarves can really do.” ~ Grumpy to Snow ~ I just love how the writers used the title of the Disney film into a quote.

“…I need you to have faith in me. Can you do that?” ~ Emma to Mary Margaret ~ This scene kind of reminds me of a teenager asking a parent to trust them with the car.  

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