Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Story So Far: Part 1A ~ Rumpelstiltskin & Jiminy Cricket ~

During the ogre wars, every child in the Duke’s kingdom has to fight in the war when they become of age at 14. If any parent dares to object, “The Dark One” will use his powerful magic to prevent the parents from taking further action.  Rumpel, a poor widowed spinner, is scared for his soon to be 14-year-old son, Baelfire, as he doesn’t want to lose him. One night Rumpel and his son try to flee their village before getting caught by the Duke’s guards. The guards humiliate Rumpel in front of his son, stating that Rumpel ran away from the ogre war when he should have stayed and fight and this is why his wife left him. After the guards leave, a beggar comes up to them stating that he knows a way to protect Baelfire. He convinces Rumpel to go to the Duke’s castle and steal the dagger of “The Dark One,” for only he who posses the dagger can control “The Dark One.” And if he kills him, his powers will be transformed to the murder. 

"The Dark One"
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After Rumpel steals the dagger, he summons “The Dark One,” also known as Zoso, and kills him. Rumpel is shock to find that “The Dark One” is the beggar; apparently he knows how to “recognize a desperate soul.” And just before he dies, he tells Rumple, “All magic comes with a price” and now the price was for Rumpel to bear. With his new found power, Rumpel kills the guards who tormented him, right in front of his son. His son is now afraid of the man his father has become. 

Everyone's Favorite Conscience
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Sometime later, Jiminy Cricket wants to get out of the family businesses, which are puppeteers and thieves. On a rainy day he meets a young boy and the boy shows him kindness, which makes Jiminy even more determine to get away from his parents.  One night Jiminy delivers some goods to Rumpel and asks him for a way to be free of his parents. Rumpel gives him a potion which will do the trick and all of his problems will be solved. While being on another con artist mission, Jiminy’s family tricked a couple in giving their goods in exchange for a potion that will save them from a “terrible disease” which has been going around through town. Once outside, Jiminy has had enough and uses the potion on his parents, but nothing happens. It turns out the parents switched the potion with the couple inside. Jiminy runs back inside the house, he sees the couple turned into puppets. Even worse, moments later the same boy who showed Jiminy kindness earlier, walks in and is distraught over what his parents had become. Jiminy, so upset of what he has done, wishes upon a star and begs to reverse the spell. The Blue Fairy comes to him, but says that she could not bring the boy’s parents back. However, the now orphaned boy is going to need someone to guide him on the right path, and Jiminy agrees to help him. The Blue Fairy turns him into a cricket, which is want Jiminy always wanted to be, and states the boy’s name is Gepetto.  

Stay tuned for the continuing story….

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