Friday, January 27, 2012

The Story So Far: Part 5A ~ Cinderella ~

Note: I am going to assume that the Cinderella storyline takes place right after Snow White and Prince Charming get married.

Read The Fine Print, Read The Fine Print, 
The episode begins like in the original tale: Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are on their way to the ball. Cinderella, known as Ella, is sweeping the floor and is upset that she can’t go to the ball. Then her fairy godmother appears, and says she is here to ‘change her life.” But before she can explain any further…BOOM! She’s dead! In her place stands Rumpel and Ella is shock. Obviously King George told Rumpel about his fairy godmother.  Rumpel tells Ella that “all magic comes with a price” and instead she should change her life herself. But Ella insists that she can handle magic and she’ll do anything to get out of her current life.  Rumpel tells that in exchange for his help, he wants something “precious,” which she will eventually get once she gets everything she wants. Ella promises to give him anything he wants, and Rumpel draws up a contract. Ella immediately signs it and with the wand, Rumpel turns Ella’s dirty, rag dress into a beautiful, ball gown. Ella notices the glass slippers and is confused. “Every story needs a memorable detail,” Rumpel tells her. He tells her to have a good time, but reminds her to watch the clock.    

A few days later, it’s Ella and Prince Thomas’s wedding day and they have invited all of their friends, including Prince James and Snow White. During a dance, Snow tells Ella how proud she is of her for changing her life. As they switch partners, Ella comes face to face with Rumpel. Now that her end of the deal is done, he wants his and reveals that instead of jewels, he wants her first born child.  Some time later, Ella is packing her things and when Thomas asks why, she tells him of her pregnancy and the deal she made with Rumpel. Thomas is shocked at first, but tells her they will find a way to stop him.

Later on, Ella is having a conversation with James, Thomas, and Grumpy. They have found a way to capture Rumpel. Since Rumpel can’t help himself making deals, Ella is going to make another one with him. The Blue Fairy has enchanted a quill and all he has to do is sign the contract with the quill and his magic will be frozen and therefore won’t be able to escape. Ella is worried about the consequences, but Thomas says he will pay for it, for her and for their child. Ella agrees to the plan.

Later that night Ella meets with Rumpel and tells him that she found out that there are two babies. She will give him the second baby on the condition that he helps the kingdom as her husband is poor and the people are in poverty. Rumpel senses a trap and warns Ella of the consequences; by imprisoning him, her debt to him will only grow. However Ella holds firm and Rumpel signs the contract, thus trapping him and his magic.
See...Rumpel Reads The Fine Print

As Rumpel is being placed in a wagon, Ella tells Thomas of her fear of failing and returning to her old life. Thomas assures her that as long as he is alive, she will never have to go back to her old life. He then shifts the focus onto their baby, Alexandra. They share a tender moment before Ella starts having pregnancy pains. Thomas sits her down and goes to a nearby well to get her some water. As he is getting the water, he hears a noise nearby. Seconds later, Ella’s pain stops and calls out to Thomas, and when he doesn’t respond, she goes down to the well and sees only his cloak. Ella runs back to Rumpel and demands to know where Thomas is. Rumpel states he doesn’t know, but did warn her that “all magic comes at a price…and it looks like someone just paid.” James assures Ella that they will find Thomas, but Rumpel says that until he has Ella’s baby, she will never see Thomas again, “In this world or the next Cinderella, I will have that baby.”  

Stay tuned for the continuing story...

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