Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Story So Far: Part 3A ~ Snow White & Prince Charming ~

As Prince James’s carriage is moving through the woods, his wife-to-be, Abigail, is complaining about the road and the view. All of the sudden, the carriage stops and the knights inform James that a tree has fallen and blocked the road. As they prepare to move the tree, James notices the markings on it as being cut.  Quickly as possible, Snow comes out of the tree, grabs the bag of jewels inside the carriage, steals one the horses, and rides off in the opposite direction. James quickly gets on a horse himself and runs after Snow. Soon the two riders were neck and neck and James jumps on Snow, making them both fall off their horses. The prince grabs Snow and realizes that the thief is a girl. Snow uses this opportunity to grab a rock near her and smacks James on the head, before taking off on the horse again. As she rides on, the prince yells to her, “Wherever you are, I will find you.”

When They First Met
Sometime later Snow is gathering some things from her hut, and as she is walking away, she gets trapped in a net. James comes out of his hiding place, laughing. “I told you I find you. No matter what you do, I will always find you.” James tells Snow to give back his jewels, but Snow states that she sold them. James is very upset as the bag contains his mother’s ring. He threatens Snow, telling her that if she doesn’t get his jewels back he will hand her over to the EQ, who has now placed a wanted poster of Snow. Having no choice, Snow agrees and James cuts her down.

As they are walking through the forest, James notices Snow playing with a little trinket around her neck and grabs it from her. She informs him that its fairy dust which came from a bad fairy and it’s meant to be used as a weapon. When asked why she didn’t use it on him, Snow replied, “Because you are not worth it.”  The prince smiles and places the trinket inside his pocket. As they walk on, Snow mentions that she is saving it for the EQ. She goes on saying that things on the poster are lies and when the EQ tried to have her killed, the huntsman spared her. And since then she has been living in the woods. She hopes to run away to another kingdom where she will never be hurt. When James asked what she did to make the EQ hate her so much, Snow replied that she ruined her life.

They stop for water by a river, but Snow uses this opportunity and kicks him in the stomach. She runs back into the woods and onto a road. She sees three of the EQ’s guards coming towards her and they quickly surround her. As one of the guards prepares to kill her, as EQ still wants her heart, James kills him with a knife. As James fights one guard, Snow runs to grab a sword, but the third guard grabs her, places her on his horse, and runs. After James killed the guard, he quickly grabs a bow and arrow and shoots the third one down.

Snow is surprised that he saved her, but James said, “It seems like the honorable thing to do.” They then head to the trolls, who live on a creepy bridge. As Snow tries to negotiate to get the ring back, a fight breaks out. Snow manages to escape, but realizes that James was left behind. Just as the trolls were ready to kills James, Snow returns and uses the fairy dust on the trolls, turning them into bugs. James thanks her, and Snow states, “how can I let Prince Charming die?” James then reveals his name (well his dead twin brother’s name). They leave the bridge before more trolls arrive.
Saying Goodbye Is So Hard To Do

Soon Snow and James find themselves on the road, near the castle. As they try to part ways, they can sense a connection between each other. However, they ignore it and bid each farewell. Snow calls him Charming once more, but when James tries to correct her she states she likes Charming better. James watches for a moment as she walks away, and as he turns and walks towards the castle, Snow turns around and smiles before walking on. 

Stay tuned for the continuing story….

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