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The Story So Far: Part 4A ~ Hansel and Gretel & Snow White and Prince Charming ~

Note: These two stories are taking place roughly at the same time. And forgive me, this is a bit of a long post, I'm trying not to make these posts too long. 

Finally We Get To See Ruby As Red Riding Hood
One month after Snow and James meet, Snow is alone in the woods hunting a turkey for her dinner. Just as she is about to kill it, someone approaches close by. It’s Red Riding Hood! and apparently Snow’s friend and caterer. Red hands her a basket filled with food and asks about James. Red tells her that James and Abigail will be married in two days. Snow wishes that there was a way for her to forget him and Red, after a little bit of hesitation, states that there is someone who can help her.

Later that night(?) Snow is tying up her boat when Rumpel suddenly appears. Rumpel states that he has been looking forward to meeting her. When Snow tries to explain that she needs his help to fix a broken heart, Rumpel immediately tells her he can’t make a man fall in love with her. But Snow states that it’s to forget him, of which Rumple says that there is something he can do. He makes a potion out of water from the lake with pieces of her hair and tells her to drink it and she will no longer remember James. The price of the potion is for him to keep a few strands of her hair. Snow is surprised, but agrees.

At King George’s castle, there is a feast going on in James’s honor, but James is in his room, still thinking about Snow. The king walks in and he knows that James is in love with another woman. He tells James to forget her because this wedding must happen no matter what. As soon as the king leaves, James writes a letter for Snow and has a dove deliver it to her. 

The next day (?) a Woodcutter is cutting down large trees to help them with winter. He instructs his two children, Hansel and Gretel, to get something for him and hands Gretel his compass so they can find him when their done. As the children return, their father was no where to be found. They soon hear their father’s scream, and H&G run to the road, where they come face to face with the EQ. H&G try to tell her their father is missing, but the EQ has them arrested. They both quickly run into the forest, but the EQ uses her magic to prevent them from escaping. She tells them that if they help her with something, she will help them find their father.

Don't Eat Anything
The EQ takes H&G near the home of the Blind Witch. Since the house is protected by magic she can’t go inside but children can. The EQ tells them that once the BW is a sleep, they need to enter her house and get a black bag, which the BW stole from her. She warns them to be careful because the house is “unique” and it could be very temping for them. The EQ pulls back a few branches, revealing a gingerbread house. Hansel seems happy, but Gretel clearly is worried.

Meanwhile in another part of the kingdom, Snow is about to drink the potion, when James’s dove arrives delivering his message. Snow reads it, in which James states that if he loves her as he does, then she should come to him before the wedding. Snow makes the decision to go to him. And that night, Snow pretends to be delivering flowers from Midas’s kingdom and is let inside the castle. Once inside, she finds James walking along a corridor and just as she is about to reveal herself to him, a guard covers her mouth and pulls her back. Snow then finds herself locked up in a jail, and as she tries to find a way out, she finds that she is not alone.

It’s Grumpy! Snow tells him that she has to get out because she has to meet somebody she loves. Grumpy tells her that love is what got him in jail. He was in love with a girl and worked in the mines to get a diamond to propose to a girl.  But he was tricked and the diamond turned out to be a stolen one, which is how he ended up in jail. Soon, a dwarf, Stealthy, appears and frees Grumpy. Stealthy asks who Snow was, but Grumpy states it doesn’t matter. Just as they are about to leave, Snow innocently wishes Grumpy luck and hopes that he will get his love back. Grumpy, touched by what she said, reluctantly opened her jail gate and told her to follow them out.

When they come across two different paths, Stealthy insists they take the way to the courtyard, while Snow insists they take the other way. Grumpy and Stealthy chose to take the courtyard way and as they make their way out, Stealthy is killed. King George appears with his guards and asks Grumpy where Snow was, but Grumpy wouldn’t tell him. Just as he is about to be killed, Snow appears with a torch in her hand. She threatens the king that she will burn this castle if he doesn’t let Grumpy go. The king does and tells Snow they need to talk and he talks her back to the castle. 

Back in the EQ’s kingdom, H&G slowly approach the BW’s house and it’s obvious that Hansel is already tempted to its delicious designs. Once they make their way inside through a window, they see the room filled with treats and the BW sleeping by the fireplace. Gretel slowly gets the bag, which is near the BW, and as she turns around she sees Hansel taking a bite from a huge cupcake. This wakes up the BW instantly and the children see a pile of bones next to her. They try to escape, but the BW locks the doors and the windows with her magic. And as she approaches them, she says, “I smell dinner.”

See, I Told You
BW locks up H&G in a cage decides to eat Hansel first, and as she prepares her meal, Gretel comes up with a plan. She tells Hansel that once the BW takes him out, he should grab the keys from her pocket and throw it to her. Hansel tells her he is afraid and as the BW opens the gate, Gretel takes his place, pretending to be him. She quickly grabs the keys and throws it to Hansel who unlocks the gate and tries to get a stick to hit the BW, but falls down. This alerts the BW and realizes that she took the wrong child. She quickly grabs Hansel and as he drags him to the oven, Gretel pushes the BW forward, and she lands on the tray. H&G quickly push her in the oven and lock her up. Hansel grabs the bag and they both run out of the house. The EQ, looking through her mirror, launches a ball of fire into the oven thereby burning the BW. The BW screams with terror.

H&G return to the EQ’s castle and deliver the bag to her. The EQ is pleased and impressed with the children because they were the first ones to return as all the other ones she sent to that house were killed. She pulls out a shiny, red apple, which to her isn’t just an ordinary apple and tends to use on her enemy (aka Snow). The children now ask the EQ to help them find her father just as she promised. But instead the EQ offers to adopt them and give them everything they could ever dream of. H&G say no and want to find their father instead. The EQ, furious with their decision, cast a spell on the children, transporting them into the unknown.

Meanwhile over in King George’s kingdom, the king threatens Snow to kill James if she doesn’t tell him she doesn’t love him. Snow is surprised that the king would kill his own son, but the king reveals that James is not his son. Snow walks into James’ chambers and sees him packing. James is thrilled that Snow received his letter and is here. He quickly grabs to hug her and just as he is about to kiss her, Snow stops him. She tells James that the only reason why she is here is to tell him she doesn’t love him and that he needs to move on. James is hurt and confused as Snow gives him back the letter. As Snow walks away, tears roll down James’s face, and Snow is just as hurt.

Snow is now far away from the castle, and as she walks back into the forest, broken hearted and all, 7 dwarfs join her.

At the same time, the EQ is looking through her mirror and is confused as to why Snow is now friends with dwarfs.

And That's How We Became Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs
Grumpy asks her if Snow found him, to which Snow replies that she “lost him.” Grumpy insists to Snow that she comes and lives with them since he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for her.  Snow isn’t so sure and is very hurt by what she has done, but then she remembers the potion. Snow wants to drink it, but Grumpy convinces her not to, at least not right now, as she is no longer alone. He tells her that if the pain is still too much, she can always drink it later. Snow agrees and with that the 7 dwarfs lead Snow to their cottage.  

At the same time, in EQ’s castle, the Woodcutter, who has been in prison all this time, is brought to the EQ. The Woodcutter demands to be released as H&G are in the forest all alone. The EQ tells him that she told the children he abandoned them, nothing but a compass. The EQ asks the Woodcutter why his children would refuse her and the Woodcutter said, “Because we are a family. And family always finds one another.” With that, the EQ lets him go, telling him that they can all be family, if they can find one another.

H&G are now in a deep, dark forest. They are surprised that the EQ let them go. Hansel is scared, but Gretel reassures him that everything will be fine. They hold each other’s hands and they begin the long journey home.

The next day, James cancels the wedding and is seen riding through the area where Snow once lived. He calls out her name, but instead Red shows up. She tells him that Snow never returned. However James is confident that he will find her, as he “will always find her.” 

Back at the dwarfs’ cottage, Grumpy runs inside and tells Snow that the wedding is off, that James isn’t marrying Abigail. Smiling, Snow innocently says, “Who?” Grumpy then realizes that she drank the potion.

Stay tuned for the continuing story...

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