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The Story So Far: Part 2A ~ Prince Charming & the Huntsman ~

Note: This post contains the back story of Prince James and the huntsman. I assume, from my understanding, that these two stories take place roughly at the same time, or shortly after. I will of course change it as the show moves on. 

Years later twin brothers are separated at birth so the parents can save their farm, thanks to a deal they made with Rumpel. Rumpel takes one of the twins to live with King George. King George and his wife were unable to have a child of their own, so the king made an unknown deal with Rumpel in exchange for a son. The son, name James, grows up to be a handsome and brave prince.

*Years later…(?)*

Snow White and the Evil Queen are mourning the death of King Leopold. The EQ tells Snow that she will always be there for her, yet it turns out that it was all just a ruse and the EQ was responsible for the king’s death. The EQ wants to kill Snow for revealing a secret that cost her dearly, and the Magic Mirror suggests a huntsman. The mirror shows him of a huntsman who has no understanding of humans and prefers the company of wolves. When he is at a tavern, the other huntsmen make fun of him, and he gets into a fight, yet successful defeats his opponents. The Queen sees this and is impressed and summons him to her. The huntsman agrees to kill Snow on the condition that all the wolves in the Enchanted Forest not to be harmed. 

The Sexy Huntsman
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Later Snow and the huntsman, dressed as a knight, are walking in the forest talking, when Snow realizes that the knight is not one of her father’s. Before the huntsman can make his move, Snow hits him with a branch and runs, with the huntsman right behind her. Soon, the huntsman sees Snow, who realizes that she can’t hide from him, writing a letter to the EQ and asks him to deliver it to her after he kills her. The huntsman reads the letter, which is an apology, and is moved by it and finds it in his heart to spare her. He lets her go and gives her a whistle, made out of a leaf, and tells her to use it for help.

The huntsman returns to the EQ and lies stating that he killed Snow and has her heart. She takes the heart and tries to place it in her vault, but the vault does not open. The EQ realizes that this is not Snow’s heart and is furious with the huntsman. As punishment, the EQ rips the huntsman’s heart out and tells him that she is now his and will crush his heart if he ever tries to run away. She then orders the guards to take him to her bedchambers.


Prince James is assigned a task by King Midas, a king from a neighboring kingdom, to slay a dragon that has been plaguing his kingdom for sometime. In exchange, Midas will give King George enough money so his people can survive. Sadly the prince was killed after a test fight to prove to Midas that he can kill anything.

The Fairy Tale Prince
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King George mourns the death of his son and soon enough Rumpel arrives. Though Rumpel can’t bring back the dead, He tells the king that the prince has a twin brother and in exchange for the whereabouts of the fairy godmother, who supports the king, he will bring the other twin to him. The king agrees and Rumpel sets off to a small farm, where the real Prince Charming (in the fairytale story) is actually a poor shepherd. Once Rumpel appears, the mother confesses to her son what she and his father had done, but regretted the decision every single day. Rumpel tells the shepherd that his twin brother is dead and the king needs him to pretend to be a prince, his brother, to slay the dragon and save the kingdom from destitution. If he does this, the king will make sure his mother will never have to worry about the farm again. The shepherd reluctantly agrees.

Now acting as Prince James, he and the king’s soldiers go up to the dragon’s lair to kill it. When most of the soldiers die, James manages to outsmart the dragon and cut off its head. James is now a hero and Midas is pleased. Yet, as it turns out, Midas was looking for someone strong and brave to marry his daughter, Abigail. James is not too please with this, yet King George threatens him that if he doesn’t go through with the marriage, he will kill James, his mother, and destroy the farm.

James returns to the farm and his mother, who is pleased to see him return home alive. However James, sadly, is there to say goodbye to his mother and tells him of the marriage between him and Midas’s daughter. His mother gives him her wedding ring and tells James to give it to his bride as “true love follows this ring wherever it goes.” James, tearfully, can’t accept it, but his mother insists.

James returns to the castle where George, Midas, and Abigail are waiting. He suggests they take the scenic route to their new home, of which Abigail coolly agrees. Before they leave, the king tells James "Smile son, you're on the way to true love." The scene then shows the carriage going through a beautiful forest, where Snow White is hiding, patiently waiting to attack the carriage.  

Stay tuned for the continuing story...

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